Daily Operations with NoPileups

We say NoPileups is simple to use, and we mean it. Here’s everything you need to know.

NoPileups gives you control

When NoPileups joins your team, you have powerful technology and a dedicated support crew watching your back every time a car hops a roller. While it keeps your tunnel collision-free, you and your employees will be washing more cars without fear. However, like any tool, the better you understand it, the better it will work for you. Thankfully, learning to use NoPileups only takes a few minutes. Once we show you the ropes, you’ll have everything you need to kiss pileups goodbye.

Nothing Up Our Sleeves

Although we’ve described how NoPileups prevents accidents, the best way to understand it is to see it in action. When the monitoring system is calibrated, our technician will have you send a few test cars to check the settings. Once they are sure NoPileups is tracking everything, the technician will ask your tester to hop a roller. What happens next is magic. The brushes slow down. The conveyor slides to a halt. All without a single push of a button.

This is NoPileups.

The days of looking over your shoulder are gone. No more hovering over the conveyor stop, just in case. No more nodding off after hours spent watching for hopped rollers. Even if you never see collisions in your tunnel, you can breathe easier knowing the next time a customer taps the brakes or shifts out of neutral, NoPileups will catch it.

NoPileups Live View: Your Tunnel at a Glance

Once NoPileups is calibrated for your site, you and your team can put it to work. It starts with the Live View.

NoPileups Live View

This is the Live View of every camera in your tunnel. In this view, you can see how NoPileups outlines each vehicle with a red box. Along the bottom, the Live View shows each camera and the progress of every vehicle in your tunnel. This single screen has all the information you and your team needs to track the status of your car wash. You can learn more about each part of the Live View here.

When NoPileups detects a potential collision and stops the conveyor, the Live View changes to show a single camera view of the situation.

On the left will be a live view of the problem vehicle. On the right, a replay of the incident. In addition to the flashing red background, both the camera dot and vehicle box at the bottom will turn red. You will also see that in the live view, the red box outlining the car and the car itself no longer align.

The NoPileups Controller: Safety in the Palm of Your Hand

NoPileups just prevented a collision! Now it’s time for your team to take control with the NoPileups Controller. When a vehicle hops a roller or is stopped for some other reason, there are two actions you can take using the controller:

What to do when stops happen

The Roller button moves the red box back one roller length. This will sync the model up with the car and allow NoPileups to continue tracking it through the tunnel. Once the car is situated and everything is lined up, you can restart the conveyor.

If resyncing the vehicle won’t work, you can press Ignore to stop tracking it with NoPileups. This removes the car model and lets the vehicle progress through the tunnel unprotected. Since NoPileups is no longer monitoring this vehicle, you’ll want to keep a close eye on it as it finishes washing. Cars that hop one roller are likely to hop another, so you’ll want to be ready just in case.

It’s that simple. You can visit this page for a more in-depth guide to what to do when NoPileups makes a stop.

There are two other buttons on the controller. Ignore All will remove all cars currently being tracked by NoPileups, which can be useful when doing equipment maintenance or clearing the tunnel. The Pause button will stop the conveyor for five minutes, and should only be used in an emergency.

The NoPileups Controller has everything your team needs to efficiently use NoPileups. As a site manager, however, you have a bit more power at your disposal.

The Manager Station: Your Anti-Collision Command Center

The Manager Station gives you full access to NoPileups’ features. From here, you can monitor and control NoPileups at your site. By double-clicking on NoPileups from the desktop, you can check the same Live View and single camera views as your employees. You can click on any camera dot to view its feed. If a specific camera starts causing problems or needs cleaning, you can block stops from that camera while NoPileups keeps monitoring on the others. If you want to focus on a specific vehicle as it moves through the tunnel, click on the corresponding car box at the bottom to follow it from camera to camera.

You can also use the Manager Station to see a summary of triggered stops or review how things are going at your site. Double-clicking on NoPileups Stop Summary will pull up a detailed list of NoPileups’ activity over the last 10 days.

NoPileups Stop Summary screen

  • NoPileups Stops shows the total number of times NoPileups stopped your conveyor that day
  • Autostop disabled shows the number of times NoPileups was turned off
  • Useful is the number of times NoPileups prevented an accident with an e-stop
  • False is the number of stops NoPileups triggered when it shouldn’t have
  • Uncategorized is the number of stops our support team has yet to review for your site
  • Unnecessary minutes is the number of minutes your conveyor was inactive due to false stops triggered by NoPileups
  • Other stops is the number of times your conveyor was stopped by something other than NoPileups
  • Other minutes is the number of minutes your conveyor was inactive during any stops not triggered by NoPileups

You can click on almost anything in the Stop Summary to see more details. There’s a lot of useful information in the Stop Summary, so be sure to check it often.

Going the Extra Mile

Now that you know how to use NoPileups, there are a few things to remember to keep your car wash collision-free.

NoPileups works best when it can make good models of every vehicle. The system creates its models using the enter eye during load on. If a car stops inside the eye, NoPileups will misjudge the car’s length and trigger a stop. You can always hit Ignore to keep things moving, but every ignored vehicle is one you’ll need to watch yourself. Keeping your load-on process smooth is the best way to keep your tunnel safe.

Every time NoPileups makes a stop, it’s important your team checks to see what happened. It can be tempting to just hit the Roller or Ignore buttons and restart the conveyor. A hopped roller may be caused by a vehicle defect or inattentive driver. Shrugging it off could lead to a bigger problem that may cost you more than time. Make sure your employees remember to look into every stop.

The Start of Something Great

You and your team now have everything you need to wash cars worry-free. Beyond the buttons or screens, the most important part of using NoPileups is never having to think about it. Our system protects your tunnel without getting in your way. You can keep working with confidence. NoPileups is ready to prevent a collision the second you need it.