Pileups are a Problem

In chain and roller washes, it's possible for the conveyor to lose the car it's moving. All it takes is a little accident to stop a vehicle. A driver bumps the brake pedal. Their car hops the roller and quits rolling while the conveyor continues doing its job like nothing is wrong. If nobody stops the tunnel, cars pile into each other one after another.

User error & automated driving

The traditional cause of the problem is drivers doing things like tapping breaks, turning wheels, and bumping gearshifts, but another factor is contributing. Autonomous driving technology can't quite tell the difference between a brush in the tunnel and a dangerous object on the road. It's programmed to hit the brakes in both cases.

It's uncertain when automakers will perfect vehicle automation. In the mean time, many car wash operators are placing human monitors inside the tunnel.

The employee watches the wash and if a car quits moving, they hit the stop button. Human monitors prevents most collisions, but more staff is an expensive solution. Plus, even the best people get tired and make mistakes sometimes.

NoPileups prevents collisions without adding employees. It's always focused on the job and reacts faster than humanly possible. Installing the system in your operation is a great way to solve the problem without breaking the bank.

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