NoPileups at the Car Wash Show 2018

What happened in Vegas is too good not to share. See what NoPileups got up to at CWS 2018.

The Car Wash Show 2018 is officially in the books. The NoPileups team had a fantastic time in Las Vegas meeting so many great owners and operators. We had a ton of visitors to our booth looking to see just how much NoPileups enhancement service helps you wash more and worry less.

NoPileups had a lot of great news to share with the car washing world this year. Between our partnership with Crew Carwash and our acquisition by DRB Systems, NoPileups’ booth was a must-see destination at CWS 2018. We also debuted our awesome new promo video on the show floor.

For those of you who may have missed it, and for everyone else who didn’t catch the whole thing, here’s the full video:

In addition, NoPileups Founder and CEO Pete Ness gave a fantastic Quick Hit presentation on the true value of full tunnel anti-collision systems. Thank you to everyone in attendance for making Pete’s Quick Hit such a success.

And it wouldn’t be a Car Wash Show without great people dropping in to see the many ways NoPileups boosts production and lowers costs.

Roll that beautiful trade show footage.

Steven demonstrating the 'magic' behind NoPileups.

Turns out washing more cars is pretty popular.

We hope everyone had a great time in Las Vegas this year. The Car Wash Show is always a blast to attend, and we can’t thank the ICA enough for their hard work putting together an amazing event.

Even though the Car Wash Show is over, there’s always time to schedule a NoPileups demo with our product specialists. Email us or call (208)-789-0405 to get started. And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to see where NoPileups is headed next.

See you in Nashville, TN for next year's Car Wash Show!

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