Learn More, Do More with NoPileups Insight Tools

When it comes to making improvements to your site, knowledge is power. NoPileups insight tools help you make the right adjustments for your car wash.

A little bit of knowledge can go a long way to making your car wash as profitable as can be. While protecting your site, NoPileups has the potential to provide a ton of important stats on the performance of your tunnel. NoPileups insight tools give you an ever-expanding set of summaries and reports on your site. By showing you detailed statistics like conveyor downtime and anti-collision efficiency, you can find the tunnel adjustments that yield the largest returns.

NoPileups insight tools go beyond simple numbers. Analysts are always reviewing your anti-collision performance to find opportunities to run a more efficient operation. For us, production and protection go hand-in-hand.

Discover New Opportunities with Insight Tools

The insight provided by NoPileups can show you things about your tunnel you may have never discovered otherwise. For example, a NoPileups customer wanted to see how the service was impacting their operation. By looking at the conveyor downtime recorded by the insight report, the car wash found NoPileups was stopping their conveyor several times less than anything else at their site.

While reviewing the numbers, the car wash found a completely different issue at their site. Their tunnel let out near a busy street and customers were often hesitating at the exit instead of leaving. The anti-collision pad at the tunnel exit was stopping the conveyor, but it wasn’t until checking the insight tools that they realized just how much time these stops were costing them.

Once identified, all it took was having an attendant encourage customers to drive off during busy times of day to increase their production by about 17 cars per hour. Without the insight data, the car wash might have just kept on washing cars, never knowing a simple change could create such a huge impact.

Make Smart Changes for Your Site

NoPileups insight tools put the information you need front and center. The system creates reports of your site performance, so you can stay updated on your operation while away or make direct comparisons. Stop summaries show how single incidents impact your site. You can use these reports to evaluate which changes will yield the biggest returns. Are you implementing a new load-on procedure to speed things up? The insight data can help you compare the conveyor downtime before and after the change. With NoPileups, you can see the direct impact of your adjustments and react accordingly.

The insight tools also record the details of every incident detected by the system. Each summary has video footage of the event, so you can see exactly what went wrong. When a customer starts pointing fingers after driving forward into another car, you’ll have clear evidence of who’s at fault. Insight tools help your team quickly identify the culprit so they can get back to washing cars instead of playing the blame game.

Gain Greater Insight from NoPileups Analysts

Facts and figures are only part of what makes NoPileups insight tools so valuable to an operation. Back at the NoPileups Support and Operations Center (NSOC), analysts are working right alongside your team to keep your car wash at peak efficiency. Analysts review every incident at your site to get the whole story behind the problem.

When making tunnel changes to reduce costs or boost production, the info NoPileups’ analysts provide can reinforce your decisions. The analysts’ evaluations help you cut to the heart of any issue and make the right changes for the biggest benefit.

Analysts are also keeping an eye out for any issues that might cause trouble inside your tunnel. While you and your team are washing cars, our analysts are watching over your tunnel. If the analysts discover an equipment malfunction or potential hazard, they can give your site a call and alert your team. For the analysts, no detail is too small when it comes to making your car wash better.

Know More with NoPileups Insight Tools

You can’t change what you don’t know. Making adjustments to your site to wash more cars sounds great on paper, but you’ll only be guessing if you don’t know what needs attention. NoPileups insight tools give you the info required to make the best decisions for your operation. You can find the places in your tunnel where things are slowing down and get daily feedback on how even the smallest changes impact production. You can rely on the analysts of NoPileups to evaluate every incident and get you the details needed to improve your car wash.

While you’re learning new details about your operation, NoPileups is also providing unrivaled full-tunnel protection. Your site will still see the benefits of increased production and lower claims costs that come with preventing collisions in less than a second. When you combine full tunnel anti-collision with powerful insight tools, NoPileups opens the door to a new level of efficiency.

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