What to do When Stops Happen

NoPileups monitors your tunnel automatically, but the system needs your help to safely resume washing cars after it prevents a collision. You will need to evaluate every stop and make necessary adjustments before restarting the conveyor.

The NoPileups display alerts you whenever the system intervenes. The Live View switches to a single camera view of the incident, while the background color changes from green to flashing red.

This is a single-camera view of a prevented collision

On the left is live footage of the problem vehicle. On the right is a replay of the incident. In the tunnel model, both the vehicle and corresponding camera dot turn red as an indicator of where NoPileups detected a potential collision.

Responding to Incidents

There are three steps to getting your car wash rolling again.

Step 1: Watch the Replay

Review the replay on the right to understand why NoPileups triggered a stop. If you ever need to review a stop at a later time, you can access stop replays from the NoPileups Stop Summary.

Always Review Stops!

Do not take any action without reviewing the stop first! An incident may be due to a vehicle defect or inattentive driver. Restarting the conveyor without understanding the stop could result in a collision.

Step 2: Reposition the Vehicle

If the vehicle has derailed or hopped a roller, reposition it before using any NoPileups controls or restarting the conveyor.

Step 3: Check NoPileups

Once the vehicle is safely on-rail and on a roller, check the live footage of the incident:

What to do when stops happen
  • If the red outline is out of sync with the vehicle, press the Roller button on the NoPileups Controller or click Move Back a Roller from the manager station. When the outline and vehicle are aligned, you can restart the conveyor.
  • If the vehicle cannot be aligned correctly, press the Ignore button on the Controller or click Ignore This Vehicle from the manager station. This will remove the vehicle from NoPileups. Once you are set, restart the conveyor.

To remind you which vehicle has been stopped by NoPileups, the corresponding car box in the tunnel model will remain red. If you have chosen to ignore a vehicle, the car box will be removed from the model entirely.

Be Careful When Ignoring Vehicles

Every vehicle you remove from NoPileups is one you will need to monitor yourself. Only use the Ignore function when there is no other option.