NoPileups Hardware

NoPileups uses a few pieces of hardware at your site to connect the equipment to the anti-collision and insight systems. Here is an overview of the NoPileups hardware and how you will use it during normal operation.

The NoPileups Server

The NoPileups Server is the “heart” of our service at your site. The Server is usually located in a server rack in the server closet. During normal operation, you shouldn’t need to make any adjustments to the Server.

In order for NoPileups to protect the tunnel, the NoPileups Server needs to remain powered on at all times and connected to a reliable internet connection.

Installing the NoPileups Server?

For more information on installing the NoPileups Server on your network, refer to The NoPileups Server.

It may be necessary to power cycle the NoPileups Server if it becomes unresponsive or disconnected from the internet. To power cycle the NoPileups Server:

  1. Hold down the power button on the device until the power light remains off.
  2. Release and press the power button again. This will cause the power button to turn blue.

NoPileups Display Interface

The Display Interface allows you to view NoPileups’ tunnel monitoring on a display at your site. The Display Interface is a small device about the size of a pack of playing cards. The Display Interface has a power cord with a dedicated flip switch. Like the NoPileups Server, the Display Interface can be power cycled by toggling this switch off, waiting momentarily, then toggling the switch back on.


The Display Interface must be connected to a power source and ready to accept input prior to powering on.

The 4-Button Remote

The 4-Button Remote is used to control NoPileups from the Display Interface.

The 4-Button Remote Layout

The 4-Button Remote Layout

Each button has a specific function to help you quickly and safely get the conveyor moving again after NoPileups prevents a collision.

  • Roller — The Roller button is used to resync NoPileups after it prevents a collision.
  • Ignore — The Ignore button is used to remove a vehicle from NoPileups monitoring in situations where NoPileups cannot resync with a problem vehicle.
  • Ignore All — The Ignore All button will remove all currently-monitored vehicles from NoPileups.
  • Pause — The Pause button will disable Autostop for five minutes.

A more detailed description of each function of the 4-Button Remote can be found in Managing Prevented Incidents.