The NoPileups Dashboard

The NoPileups Dashboard allows access to several NoPileups features normally unavailable from the Display Interface.

It is standard for the NoPileups installation team to create two desktop shortcuts on the manager’s workstation during installation. Should these links be deleted or otherwise removed, contact the NoPileups Service Team as these shortcuts are unique to your site and specific installation.

The NoPileups Dashboard contains several screens with useful monitoring and analytics information. In addition to the Live View, the Dashboard contains two reports pages with important details on your site.

Overview Menu

The Overview menu brings up a Stop Summary showing a grid display of the overall operations of a site for the last ten days.

The NoPileups Stop Summary
  • NoPileups Stops — The total number of times NoPileups triggered to prevent a collision.
  • Autostop Disabled — The number of times NoPileups would have triggered.
  • Useful — The number of times NoPileups prevented an accident with an emergency stop.
  • False (or Cautionary) — The number of times NoPileups triggered an emergency stop just to be safe.
  • Uncategorized — The number of stops our analysts have yet to review for your site.
  • Unnecessary Minutes — The number of minutes the conveyor was inactive due to cautionary stops triggered by NoPileups.
  • Other Stops — The number of times the conveyor was stopped by something other than NoPileups.
  • Other Minutes — The number of minutes the conveyor was inactive during any stops not triggered by NoPileups.

Clicking on a date will bring up a report of all stops triggered on that specific day. Alternatively, clicking on a specific type of stop (Useful, Cautionary, Uncategorized) will bring up a focused report of the specified stops for that day.

Stops Menu

The Stops menu brings up a list of the last 100 stops triggered at your site.

Good to know!

The Cameras and Settings tabs on the NoPileups Dashboard are for the NoPileups Service Team and should not be used in daily operations.