The NoPileups Live View

The NoPileups Live View displays the status of the tunnel at a glance. It can be seen from the monitor connected to the Display Interface, as well as from the NoPileups Dashboard installed on the manager’s workstation. See The NoPileups Dashboard for more details on NoPileups Dashboard functions.

The NoPileups Live View consists of two main sections: the live feed and the tunnel diagram.

The NoPileups Live View
  1. NoPileups Live Feed
  2. NoPileups Tunnel Diagram

The live feed shows live footage from every camera used by NoPileups. In the live feed, you will notice a red box surrounding every vehicle inside the tunnel. This box represents a model NoPileups uses to make sure a vehicle does what it’s supposed to.

The background color of the Live View shows the status of the conveyor.

  • Green — Conveyor is ON.
  • Black — Conveyor is OFF.
  • Red/Black and FLASHING — NoPileUps has detected an event or incident.

The tunnel diagram shows a visual representation of the cars and cameras in the tunnel. In addition to providing an at-a-glance update on the status of the tunnel, the tunnel diagram can be used from the NoPileups Dashboard to access more information. See The NoPileups Dashboard for more information.

  • Yellow Dot — Camera locations in the tunnel.
    • Clicking on a yellow dot will change the Live View to a single-camera view from the selected camera.
    • Clicking on the yellow dot a second time will return you to the Live View.
  • Red Dot — The location of the last camera to trigger a stop.
    • This dot will remain red until the next stop or until the Server is rebooted automatically at the end of the night.
  • Blue Rectangle(s) — Vehicles and their location in the tunnel.
    • The number in the rectangle represents vehicle length in feet.
  • Red Rectangle — A vehicle stopped by NoPileups.
    • This rectangle will remain red until the corresponding vehicle exits the tunnel.
  • Number in the bottom-right corner — Conveyor speed in feet-per-second.
  • Autostop Enabled/Disabled — The status of NoPileups.
    • Enabled — NoPileups will detect AND stop the conveyor.
    • Disabled — NoPileups WILL NOT stop the conveyor for any reason.


If you plan to disable Autostop for any reason, contact the NoPileups Service Team. When Autostop is disabled, the Team will be notified and operate under the assumption something catastrophic has occurred at your site.

"Wash Me" and "Protection Reduced"

NoPileups Wash Me notification

Since visibility is vitally important for tracking vehicles, NoPileups will notify you when a camera is too dirty to provide the highest level of protection.

If a camera becomes too dirty, one of two overlays will appear on the corresponding camera feed in the Live View.

  • Wash Me — NoPileups has identified a dirty camera is preventing NoPileups from providing the best protection possible. The camera should be cleaned to keep NoPileups tracking vehicles correctly.
  • Protection Reduced — NoPileups has detected a dirty camera is impairing tracking and has adjusted its sensitivity to compensate for the reduced visibility. The camera should be cleaned as soon as possible.

To keep NoPileups providing the best protection, cameras should be cleaned and maintained regularly. See Camera Cleaning and Maintenance for details on keeping cameras in working order.