User Guide

NoPileups User Guide

NoPileups full tunnel anti-collision uses simple controls and an intuitive interface to make pileup prevention effortless. The NoPileups User Guide will show you everything you need to know to work alongside the service.

NoPileups Hardware

NoPileups uses a few pieces of hardware at your site to connect the equipment to the anti-collision and insight systems. Here is an overview of the NoPileups hardware and how you will use it during normal operation.

The NoPileups Dashboard

The NoPileups Dashboard allows access to several NoPileups features normally unavailable from the Display Interface.

It is standard for the NoPileups installation team to create two desktop shortcuts on the manager’s workstation during installation. Should these links be deleted or otherwise removed, contact the NoPileups Service Team as these shortcuts are unique to your site and specific installation.


The NoPileups Live View

The NoPileups Live View displays the status of the tunnel at a glance. It can be seen from the monitor connected to the Display Interface, as well as from the NoPileups Dashboard installed on the manager’s workstation.