The Site Survey Experience: Preparing NoPileups for Installation at Your Car Wash

NoPileups provides collision prevention custom-tailored to your tunnel. By working together with you and your team to create a custom installation plan, we can better protect your unique operation.

A handsome gentleman sets up to take some camera measurements

You’ve worked hard to set yourself apart, so it’s no surprise your car wash isn’t like anyone else’s. That’s why NoPileups works with you to develop a custom install plan for each of your sites. We start collaborating with you and your team the moment you choose NoPileups. For us, the sooner we can learn the ins and outs of your tunnel, the sooner we can start saving you money.

While everyone at NoPileups prepares for installation at your site, we will coordinate with the specialists on your team to collect the details we need to calibrate the monitoring system.

It’s Time for Kickoff

You can’t execute the winning play without first running it through with the team. For NoPileups, this takes the form of our kickoff call. We gather the major players from our end and yours to walk through pre-installation. The call covers everything we’ll need to begin installing NoPileups; from tunnel measurements to camera models.

The kickoff call also gives you an opportunity to assemble your NoPileups installation dream team. We’ll keep in communication with them to ensure everything we need to prevent collisions is reported. These are the team members we’ll be working with:

  • The Project Lead will be the main point of contact for installation at your site. This may be a Director of Operations, a site manager, or anyone you trust to keep the ball rolling. Among other things, your Project Lead will be making sure every other stakeholder reports back to us as soon as possible.

  • An IT Support person will be in charge of all info related to your car wash’s network layout. If you don’t have in-house IT, we’ll be more than happy to recommend someone in your area.

  • Your Camera Technician will provide us with all the nitty-gritty details for your in-tunnel cameras. They will also coordinate new camera installs if needed. Like with IT Support, we can recommend a camera technician for your site if you need.

It’s vitally important that everyone be present for the kickoff call. The sooner we can assemble the information we need, the sooner NoPileups can begin increasing production and lowering costs.

In addition to preparing for installation, the kickoff call gives you and your team a chance to get acquainted with your Site Services Coordinator. Your Coordinator will be working directly with your specialists to keep everything running smoothly (it’s what we’re best at, after all). They will be your NoPileups liaison throughout the installation and are always a phone call or email away.

Every Detail Matters

After the kickoff call, your Site Services Coordinator will email each stakeholder the details we’ll need to start installing NoPileups. Everyone will have something to contribute to the site survey process. Each piece, no matter how small, will be critical to installing NoPileups.

  • The Project Lead for your site will be providing us with a number of crucial details on your car wash. One of the biggest responsibilities for the Project Lead is helping us understand your tunnel layout. Since your cameras are the eyes NoPileups uses to prevent collisions, it’s important we find any potential obstructions in their field of vision. The fastest and easiest method is granting us temporary access to your camera network, but we can use tunnel blueprints and equipment lists if necessary.

    In addition to helping us learn your layout, the Project Lead will spearhead NoPileups training at your site. We’ll provide everything they need to get your team ready to use the system on day one.

  • Your IT Support will help us understand your car wash’s network structure. Since NoPileups integrates with your existing equipment, we need to know what you use and how it’s connected. IT Support sends us the info we’ll use to monitor your tunnel and provide live support. We will also send your IT a network topography template matching your tunnel’s needs. Your IT Support will use this template to review and make any necessary network changes on-site to prepare for installation.

  • The Camera Technician is responsible for, you guessed it, the cameras at your site. They will help your Project Lead with the details of your current camera layout and assist in installing any new equipment if needed. Your Camera Technician will also help with setting up remote access for your camera feeds, which we use to aid in setup prior to installation.

Getting Ready for Gameday

Every part of pre-installation leads to the big day: Going Live! During the kickoff call, we coordinate a date to begin installing NoPileups. Once we have the information we need, we will finalize arrangements for the installation. This can involve booking travel for your installer, coordinating with your specialists on-site, and preparing time to acquaint you with working alongside NoPileups support.

However, NoPileups can’t start improving your operation until we’ve received all the site info from each stakeholder. The Project Lead will occasionally need to check in with everyone to make sure deadlines are met. Your Site Services Coordinator will also keep you and your Project Lead up-to-date on any missing pieces for your site. It can’t be said enough: The sooner we have the info we need, the sooner you will see what NoPileups can do for your site. Inversely, we cannot move ahead at all without the complete survey info for your tunnel.

Anti-Collision All-Stars

Installing NoPileups is the best decision you can make for your car wash, and we want you to see the benefit as soon as possible. By working with you the moment you decide to operate a safer, more productive site, we make every second count. With a little bit of information from your team, NoPileups will have you washing more cars in no time.