The NoPileups Server

The NoPileups Server is the ‘heart’ of our service at your site. Once installed, it will allow NoPileups to communicate with the tunnel controller, cameras, and internet.

For the network portion of NoPileups installation, you will only be using the ports on the rear of the Server.

A camera placed above the water line.
  • AC In
  • Speaker Out
  • Internal Ethernet Port
  • USB Port (x2)
  • Mini DisplayPort
  • Thunderbolt Port
  • HDMI Port

The NoPileups Server has one internal Ethernet port, which will be used exclusively for internet access. Included with the Server is a USB-to-Ethernet adapter, which will plug into one of the two rear USB ports to provide two additional Ethernet ports. These USB-to-Ethernet ports will be used to connect the Server to your camera network and tunnel controller.

Only the AC In, internal Ethernet port, and one USB port will be used with NoPileups.