Camera Care and Maintenance

After cameras are installed, there are a few things you can do to keep NoPileups working its best anti-collision magic.

  • Cameras will need to be cleaned every day. This keeps the housing free from residue buildup and allows water beading to take place. Daily cleaning also makes “as-needed” cleanings more effective. “As-needed” cleaning should be performed, well, as needed. This usually means a simple wipe-down. NoPileups can alert you when one of the cameras needs a little spit-shine.
  • Regular maintenance can be performed by anyone and does not require a lot of time, resources, or technical qualifications. Routine maintenance can extend a camera’s lifespan while maintaining its performance.
  • Several tools can help you care for the cameras. Hydrophobic coatings (like Rain-X) help keep water drops from staying on the camera, which increases visibility and camera longevity. Novus Fine Scratch Remover & Plastic Clean and Shine helps maintain camera domes and other clear plastic surfaces so water can more easily run off. MicroMesh KR-70 Acrylic and Plastic Restoration kits can remove scratches caused by regular cleaning. Restoration should only be required every 6-12 months.
  • There is no specific time to replace a camera. A camera’s lifespan fluctuates depending on its quality, upkeep, and placement. Replace any camera with a compromised housing. Once the housing has water ingress, the camera will fill with condensation and impact tracking. To keep downtime to a minimum, have a backup camera and equipment ready for quick replacement.
Two examples of cameras placed near obstructions

The camera on the left has been regularly cleaned The camera on the right has not. Residue and corrosion are clearly visible around the seal of the dirty camera.

Further Calibration

In some circumstances, cameras may require additional attention after installation. Once the tunnel and the monitoring software are running in unison, NoPileups analysts will review the camera placement. On rare occasion, we may need a camera to be adjusted or added to help NoPileups protect your tunnel better.