Getting Started Overview

Congratulations! Selecting NoPileups for your car wash is a massive step toward improving operations. We're excited to help you wash more cars. Before we jump into that, we need to set up the system. This guide is here to help prepare you for a successful implementation.

When you get NoPileups, we take care of the heavy lifting. Our expert technicians do everything in their power to let you focus on day-to-day operations, but there a few areas where we'll ask for your help. It's nothing too big. Your role generally involves providing information and making minor adjustments. Each implementation phase is outlined below to give you an idea of what to expect.

1. Survey

Site survey involves working together to customize you site's installation plan.

What we do

  • Communicate requirements
  • Collect site information

What you do

  • Share site information

2. Install

System installation is when physical hardware is set up at your location.

What we do

  • Arrive at the site on schedule
  • Set up the system without impacting operations
  • Provide on-site training

What you do

  • Prepare for installer's arrival
  • Show installer around the site

3. Calibrate

Efficiency calibration ensures your system operates as effectively as possible.

What we do

  • Evaluate system effectiveness
  • Fine tune settings
  • Guide on-site adjustments
  • Daily status communication

What you do

  • Adjust equipment occasionally
  • Keep cameras clean

4. Monitor

Performance monitoring prevents accidents and helps you wash more cars.

What we do

  • Automatically prevent collisions
  • Optimize system performance
  • Review every incident
  • Notify customer of issues

What you do

  • Use NoPileups
  • Adjust equipment occasionally
  • Keep cameras clean
  • Wash more cars