Car Wash Safety and Analytics Service

NoPileups is a car wash service that prevents in-tunnel collisions and delivers operational insight. The service consists of a monitoring system, analytics, and support.

Prevent Car Wash Pileups

Our full-tunnel monitoring and collision prevention system is the core of NoPileups. The system uses computer vision and machine learning to monitor car wash tunnels and stop the conveyor when collision threats are detected.

Superhuman monitoring

NoPileups Monitoring never loses focus and reacts within seconds of detecting potential collisions. Human monitors might be able to keep up for a while, but nobody is immune to a tunnel's distracting environment. It's only a matter of time until an employee loses focus and makes a mistake.

Simple management

Installing the system has minimal impact on existing business process. You can set the control panel up on as many computers, mobile devices, or TV screens as your like, plus employee training requirements are minimal. Getting employees up to speed only involves making them aware of the system and showing them what to do with a few buttons.

Flexible installation

Everything is designed to mesh with what you're already doing. Usually, the system can use your existing camera feed and integrate with your tunnel controller. We also provide custom installation service to help you set your tunnel up for success.

Gain Operational Insight

NoPileups records everything it sees during the monitoring process. The data is essential to effective full-tunnel collision prevention, and it also helps provide exceptional insight into how you can increase production volume.

Learn why pileups happen

An incident replay is generated every time NoPileups stops the conveyor. The video clip helps attendants know what needs to be corrected and provides you an opportunity to analyze the incident and find areas to target for improvement.

Quantify the tunnel

Analyze tunnel metrics like conveyor speed to gain a better understanding of your operation. Use the information to refine your estimations or run experiments to see how adjusting something effects production.

Help When You Need It

There's complexity under the hood of NoPileups, but you don't have to worry about any of it. Focus on washing cars while expert NoPileups Support technicians help you install, monitor your site, and report on incidents.

Custom installation service

No two sites are the same, which is why technicians are available to survey your site and develop a custom installation plan. From there, you can either install the system with our remote assistance or choose the full-install option where we set everything up for you.

Review, report, and optimize

After you're up and running, technicians continue monitoring your site. They review every incident, report on performance metrics, and continually improve system performance.

Proactive customer support

Another benefit of technicians monitoring your site is they'll identify issues and help you resolve them quickly. The issue doesn't even have to relate directly to NoPileups Monitoring. Our support team will be sure to notify you if they see anything out of the ordinary.

Request Information

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