NoPileups Anti-Collision System Revolutionizes Car Wash Safety

February 13, 2018

A screenshot of the NoPileups display.

BOISE, Idaho — NoPileups is redefining safety by solving a decades-old problem plaguing car wash operators worldwide: in-tunnel collisions.

The seemingly unavoidable damage caused by stopped vehicles colliding inside automated wash tunnels has been accepted in the car wash industry as a cost of doing business. For 60 years, the only solution to in-tunnel collisions has been to post employees on lookout and budget for inevitable losses.

However, the first successful safety system created to eliminate these types of accidents, NoPileups, is changing the status quo.

“There’s nothing that can protect the entire tunnel from a collision except NoPileups,” said Tom Hoffman Jr., Operator of Hoffman Car Wash in New York, “and that’s measurable.”

Hoffman is among a growing number of car wash owners and operators seeing the benefit of NoPileups’ tunnel monitoring and accident prevention software across nearly 100 sites.

Pete Ness, CEO and Founder of NoPileups, and his team of developers used recent advances in computer vision and machine learning to produce an automated monitoring system capable of preventing in-tunnel collisions.

“Car wash owners have been desperate for a better approach to preventing collisions,” said Ness. “NoPileups is a new class of car wash technology that solves the pileup problem and ultimately helps operators increase profitability.”

NoPileups uses a combination of site data and live video to detect potential accidents. The software processes footage from the cameras already installed in most car washes and tracks vehicles as they travel through the tunnel. If there is an unexpected stop, such as when a driver accidentally taps their brake mid-wash, NoPileups detects the hazard and triggers the car wash’s emergency stop to avoid any collisions into the stalled vehicle.

The gains experienced by operators using NoPileups often extends beyond mitigating damage. Many car wash owners have seen a significant increase in production due to fewer costly interruptions caused by managing collision fallout. Owners also claim a damages budget reduction of 4 to 6 cents per vehicle washed.

The speed and reliability of NoPileups also allows for significant operational performance boosts, such as increased conveyance speeds and reduced vehicle spacing. NoPileups customers have measured a consistent increase of 20 additional vehicles washed per hour during peak times of day.

For Hoffman, the service has exceeded expectations. “Installing NoPileups eliminated nearly every single mid-tunnel collision,” said Hoffman. “I don’t believe it’s missed a single event. It’s virtually infallible.”

NoPileups is an innovative full tunnel anti-collision service using the latest advancements in computer vision and machine learning to prevent accidents caused by unexpected vehicle stops in automated car washes. Behind NoPileups is Pete Ness, CEO, Founder, and 30-year veteran of the software and car wash industries, as well as a team of developers and support technicians dedicated to creating inventive solutions to the challenges facing car wash owners, operators, and employees. For more information, visit or call (208)-789-0405.


Taylor Edginton | NoPileups Marketing