NoPileups increases car wash production with anti-collision systems

Boise, Idaho March 2017

Boise is home to NoPileups, an innovative car wash accident prevention system. NoPileups uses computer vision to monitor car wash tunnels and stops the vehicle conveyor if issues are detected. Early adopters find the system prevents accidents more effectively than human observers, builds operator confidence, and results in better car wash production. 

NoPileups is an automated solution for preventing car wash collisions in conveyor driven car washes. The computer vision system watches cars move through the full length of the tunnel. When a vehicle "hops a roller", NoPileups stops the conveyor before another car piles into the stopped car. The system prevents accidents more effectively than alternatives, and better accident prevention helps operators wash more cars.

Car wash pileups ruin customer experiences and cash wash reputations. Victims seldom return to a wash that damaged their car and repercussions extend beyond affected customers. A social media infused world means collision stories are posted on sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Angie's List. While negative online reviews discourage future business, avoiding incidents helps operators maintain clean reputations. 

Within seconds of detecting an issue, NoPileups stops the conveyor. The response time is faster than humanly possible, plus the system never loses focus. Operator confidence grows with these advantages. Increased operator confidence allows for faster conveyor speeds and less distance between cars. Both adjustments result in washing more cars in the same amount of time. Better productivity combined with less downtime due to accidents produces significant gains for NoPileups customers.

"NoPileups is as much a production tool as it is an accident prevention tool."

The first NoPileups installation occurred in fall 2016. Since then, multiple companies have begun using the system. Customers significantly decreased collisions and benefitted from additional NoPileups features. Real-time monitoring, tunnel analytics and recordings of every customer experience help operators learn more about their washes, and audio alerts keep everyone informed about what is happening in the tunnel. "NoPileups is as much a production tool as it is an accident prevention tool." says Jim Mulholland, operator of Busy Bee Car Wash in Miami. Mulholland's car wash increased their average cars washed per hour by around twenty cars after installing NoPileups.

Behind NoPileups is a leadership team with vast car wash and technology experience. CEO Pete Ness operated car washes in Idaho's Treasure Valley for years before going full-time with his software company, Pingman Tools. Pete patented a car wash video queuing system and built a team capable of solving difficult problems like car wash pileups. COO Richard Johnson was named 2015 Idaho CEO of Influence for his celebrated leadership and support of abused children. Richard has received over 30 awards for work in technology, marketing, and leadership. Strategic advisor, Bill Martin, was inducted into International Carwash Association Hall of Fame in 2012 and brings decades of car wash experience to the table.

Early success and growing demand for the system motivated the NoPileups team to work toward scaling the business. The first step toward that goal is participating in The Car Wash Show 2017 in Las Vegas. According to COO Johnson, "The Car Wash Show is an excellent opportunity for us to expand our understanding of individual operator's needs. We look forward to meeting carwash operators interested in learning how tunnel monitoring improves business." No collision, no downtime, no problem - NoPileups.

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Taylor Edginton | NoPileups Marketing