Ordering NoPileups

NoPileups cost varies from site to site. The price you pay depends on several factors. Please, contact us for a quote.

Pricing Factors

  • Hardware needs
  • Installation preferences
  • Service contract
  • Car wash size and layout

Included with Service


A dedicated server is provided free of charge with every installation.

Continuous upgrades

The system is constantly improving and your tunnel gets everything as it develops.

Unlimited support

Help is available in case issues arise and you need help troubleshooting.

Installation Assistance

Two options are available for customers not interested in self installing.

Full install

We'll set up a single site for you. That includes a site survey, installation labor, and travel expenses.

Installation prep

A lighter option is available as well. It includes a site survey, planning, and remote configuration assistance.

Collision Cost Calculator

Car wash pileups impact more than direct collision costs. Try our collision cost calculator to learn more about the effects on your business.

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