Get the Best ROI With NoPileups

It’s important to get the best return on the investments you make in your car wash. Here’s how NoPileups makes your operation more profitable.

Every choice you make for your car wash is about more than just adding value for your customer. When you make a decision on your soaps, your equipment, or your utility usage, you need to answer one question: Is this going to give the best return on your investment?

Safety is an important part of running a successful business, but it doesn’t always have the best ROI. Often, you need to trade production rates and efficiency to keep incidents at an acceptable level. When you really look at it, it’s a bad trade either way. If you let the customer experience suffer, you may soon find yourself with fewer cars to wash. Yet, if you slow things down too much, you may experience the same thing, as frustrated customers choose your quicker competitors. An ideal safety solution would reduce incidents, lower damages, and protect customers while improving your efficiency and bottom line.

NoPileups car wash enhancement service does more than make your car wash safer — it makes your car wash better. NoPileups’ full tunnel anti-collision system is so fast and reliable, you can improve your operational efficiency while still preventing collisions. This makes for an incredible return on your investment. In short, NoPileups is protection that pays for itself.

Results reported by NoPileups customers.

NoPileups Cuts your Damage Costs

The immediate returns from NoPileups are found in reduced damage costs and fewer claims. Collisions can take up a significant portion of your damages budget. Even when a customer is to blame, you often cover the damage as a gesture of good faith to retain business. Regardless of fault, the amount you spend annually on customer claims is money you could be earning if it weren’t being spent on dented bumpers.

NoPileups lets you reclaim the money normally spent dealing with collisions. NoPileups customers report a $.04 to $.06 reduction in their damages budget for every car they wash. For one operator, our service was able to save their site 50 percent of their annual customer claims costs. These cost reductions are in addition the money saved on hiring dedicated spotters to watch over the tunnel during high volume periods.

Enhance Your Operation

While lower damage costs are a straightforward benefit of NoPileups, it is only one of the ways it can increase your profitability. NoPileups also opens the door for operational performance gains you could never consider otherwise.

Think of it this way: What sorts of adjustments could you make for your car wash if you never needed to worry about a collision? How much faster could you run your conveyor? How much closer could you load vehicles? If pileups didn’t exist, how much more could you make in a day, a month, or a year?

The speed and reliability of NoPileups makes these thoughts a reality. One customer found they could wash 20 more cars per hour during peak production times. According to Metro Express CEO Bill Martin, he could confidently move cars one roller closer knowing NoPileups would prevent a collision the instant any vehicle moved out of position. On a busy day, that could equate to over 100 more cars washed and significantly shorter wait times for your customers.

NoPileups also boosts your brand value. You can’t wash more cars if there aren’t any cars to wash. By building and protecting your reputation, you can easily draw in more potential customers while retaining the ones you have. You can also reach people who normally avoid automated car washes. One NoPileups user found he was able to market his site to customers who would otherwise turn their head at the idea of visiting a car wash. More customers means more money, and NoPileups helps make it happen.

Get More from Your People With NoPileups

Your team is just as important to your operation as any piece of equipment in your tunnel. How you invest in your employees can make or break your business. Collisions impact your attendants and managers just as much as they hit your budget. Managers often need to work through incidents with your customers, which eats up their valuable time and negatively impacts your operation. The pressure of an always-looming collision causes stress and drives higher turnover.

NoPileups helps you get a better return from the investment you make in your team. Hiring and training new employees isn’t cheap. Since NoPileups is so easy to use, you can get attendants up to speed in a matter of minutes. Also, with less stress, you can better retain the team members you have instead of wasting time and money finding new ones.

For managers, NoPileups drastically improves their ability to resolve incidents. Customers will often refuse to accept responsibility for an accident even if they were clearly at fault. NoPileups serves as both an impartial observer and a definitive method of showing customers what really happened. While a closed circuit camera recording can only show an incident, NoPileups’ monitoring system captures exactly where and when a vehicle does something it shouldn’t. One operator found NoPileups was able to save managers over seven hours of discussion, debate, and paperwork for a single incident. Imagine how much your managers could get done with an extra seven hours. NoPileups frees up your best people to keep cars moving through hour after hour.

Protection is Just the Start

The best additions to your car wash are the ones that give the best return on investment. This is why NoPileups is committed to making your car wash better, not just safer. Whether you’re interested in reducing in-tunnel collisions or boosting your production, our service can enhance your operations. With NoPileups, you can wash more cars, cut damage costs, and get the most out of your employees. NoPileups isn’t just protection that pays for itself — it’s protection that pays out.

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