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NoPileups is as much a production tool as it is an accident prevention tool."

Jim MulhollandOperator at Busy Bee Car Wash

Full-Tunnel Collision Prevention Service

Safer tunnels are only the beginning. Collision prevention impacts your operation far beyond damage costs.

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Increase production

Minimize downtime with the right kind of stops, and feel confident loading cars closer together or increasing chain speed.

Avoid collision expenses

Indirect pileup costs add up quickly unless the accident doesn't happen in the first place.

Prepare for the future

Safeguard your operation against the growing number of auto-braking vehicles.

Service Benefits


Monitors your entire tunnel and automatically intervenes to prevent accidents


Analyze performance and discover information that helps maximize production.


Get help from technicians who report on incidents, and ensure your service runs smoothly.

Help Your Car Wash Thrive

Set your business apart as the car wash doing everything it can to ensure customer safety.

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Deliver excellent service

Accident-free customers return often and happily spread positive word-of-mouth.

Prevent negative reviews

Negative online reviews stick around for a long time, but delivering collision free washes helps avoid them.

Earn customer loyalty

Avoiding pileups means never giving customers a reason to consider other options.

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NoPileups systems, insights, and support help avoid expenses and increase production. Please, contact us to explore how we can help improve your operation.

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NoPileups News

NoPileups is Headed to NRCC 2017

The NoPileups team is gearing up for the Northeast Regional Carwash Convention on October 2-4 in Atlantic City, NJ. NoPileups CEO Pete Ness will be speaking at the Round Table Discussion & Breakfast Wednesday while the team sets up shop on the convention floor.

How Stopping Your Conveyor Increases Production

Production is the name of the game when it comes to washing cars. Nobody's arguing that, but if your only focus is running the conveyor, you could miss an opportunity. Sometimes stopping the tunnel increases production better than anything else.

Collision Cost Calculator

Car wash pileups impact more than direct collision costs. Try our collision cost calculator to learn more about the effects on your business.

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